Business Letter – Due in 10 Hours

You work for a local fitness club called Super Fit. The owners of Super Fit would like to expand their business and add a

running track and a large pool. They have drafted the following letter to send out to their current members, informing them of

the updates and new services. The owners have asked you to review this letter and rewrite it as necessary. As you read the

letter you realize it is not well written. Please rewrite the letter for the owners. Use the correct business letter format.

We are excitedly writing to let you know about some thrilling new changes here at Super Fit! We have decided to expand our

current business to fit our clients needs. So, as of March 2015, we will have a brand new running track and a new lap pool.

Both the running track and the pool will be very large, and will be able to accommodate many runners and swimmers. We will

also offer a few other new services too.

We are proud to note that your membership fee will not increase at all. We appreciate your business and hope you will consider

telling your friends about Super Fit and all that we offer! We would also like to offer you a 50% off of ones month’s fee if you

refer a friend to us and they sign a membership contract.

Remember, stay fit with Super Fit!

With love,

Bob and Joanie Goldman

Your task: Rewrite this letter for the fitness club. The letter will be sent out to all members; but for this assignment, please

send the letter to Jane Dough. Her address is 1475 NW Salmon Creek Road, Portland, OR 97229. Don’t forget to create a

letterhead for this letter as well (you will need to make up the address and phone number). You can add or remove information

as necessary to make this a strong letter; but keep the goal of the letter the same.

Here are some questions to consider before you rewrite the letter.

1. What is the purpose of this letter? In other words, what does the writer want the reader to ‘do or know’ when they are

done reading the letter?

2. Will you write this letter as direct or indirect?

3. Think about the flow of the letter; what information should come first in the letter?

4. What information can be left out of the letter or needs to be added to the letter?

5. What letter format will you use, block or modified block?

6. Are you going to use mixed or open punctuation?

7. How do you keep it interesting, but business based?

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