Please watch this video entitled, “How to Get Your Ideas to Spread” (left click on the link below) Link (Links to an external site.)

After watching the video, please answer the questions listed below in your own words.

Your response should be a minimum of approximately 200 words and MUST address each question posed.
This post is worth 30 points. Please take the time to formulate a thoughtful/specific response as the points you are awarded are reflective of the level of detail and care you put into your response. For example, points will be deducted if you provide a two-sentence response that does not address the specific question.
Questions are listed within the Module section, Week Ten folder, directly under the assignment instructions.

Please post any general questions under the weekly question thread.


1.  What advice does the video provide regarding getting your ideas to spread?

2.  This Ted video was produced in 2003. While the general message is still the same and noteworthy, what new developments add to the way businesses and individuals spread ideas? (there are two MAJOR developments at a minimum)

3.  When promoting your product, what must an organization consider? (Please note that there are many answers to this question not just one)

4.  What does providing too many choices do to a consumer? What is the THING that makes things get “talked” about?

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