Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1
Which of the following is appropriate for the conclusion of a technical description?

A. What is its history?
B. What separates it from similar objects?
C. What are the benefits or problems?
D. Where does the object fit in relation to similar ones?
Question 2
__________ explain sequential actions to members of an audience who need enough details to understand an action or process, but not enough to necessarily enable them to complete it.

A. Process explanations
B. Technical descriptions
C. Instructions
D. Benefits or advantages
Question 3
Faced with negative consequences such as difficulty getting hired at other companies within the same field, what would most likely be a valid reason for why a technical communicator would choose to be a whistleblower when directed, for example, to document in writing the safety of a hazardous product or process?

A. Attention-seeking behavior
B. Legal requirements and a sense of responsibility to the community.
C. Promotion or pay raise
D. Lack of loyalty to employer
Question 4
An effective way to present a process explanation that precedes step-by-step instructions is:

A. to insert a photograph of the final product.
B. to make a chart of the benefits of the product.
C. to construct a graph of production outcomes for the last month.
D. to create a flowchart.

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