Multiple choice

1. As you are conducting research on the free Web for your paper on the benefits of good communication between management and employees, you find a fascinating article written by Dr. Ralph Shrader. He is stated to have over a 45-year career of managerial consulting and is now the chief executive of one the most well-known management-consulting firms in the world. Make the best decision about the use of this material.   

a) Use the material, because it is written by one of the world’s foremost experts, who has worked with a wide-variety of organizations for many years. 

b) Do NOT use the material, because it may promote the biased perspective of one person. 

c) Use the material, but only after validating the key points of Dr. Shrader’s article. 

d) Do NOT use the material, because Dr. Schrader’s perspective may be too commercial.


2. You find an image on the Web without a copyright notice or owner listed and want to use it in your PowerPoint presentation for class. What is the policy that applies?   

a) You can use the image freely because there is no copyright notice. 

b) You can use the image, but you need to cite the source. 

c) You can use the image freely since no name is XXXXX XXXXX the owner of the image. 

d) You cannot use the image because it belongs to the owner of the Web site.


3. You have written a research paper and are now preparing your annotated reference list. Which of the following materials can you use freely in your annotations?   

a) an article summary from the database abstract, because it is in the public domain 

b) a biography about the author from her university, because it is intended to promote the author?s research 

c) ideas about the article?s validity from other experts, because they have already cited the author 

d) a and b 

e) none of the above


4. You use the following article from ABI/Inform Complete in your research paper: Teaching Managers to Appraise Performances by Donna L. Mitchell and Esther Green in Nursing Management, Mar. 1996, Vol. 27, Issue 3, pages 48-49. The URL for the jounal is How would you cite it in APA 6th edition format?   

a) Mitchell, D. L. & Green, E. (1996). ?Teaching Managers to Appraise Performances.? 27(3): 48-49. Retrieved from ABI/Inform Complete database 

b) Mitchell, D. L., & Green, E. (1996). Teaching managers to appraise performances. Nursing Management, 27(3), 48-49. Retrieved from 

c) Mitchell, D. L., & Green, E. (1996). Teaching managers to appraise performances. Nursing Management, 27(3), 48-49. Retrieved from 

d) XXXXX, XXXXX L. and Esther Green. Teaching Managers to Appraise Performances. Nursing Management, Mar96, Vol. 27 Issue 3, p48C-48D. Retrieved from  



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