Mass Media

First, please read the news story linked at the bottom of this page, titled  “Rudeness is a Neurotoxin.”  

Instructor question: This is a multiple question, longer-answer discussion post than most discussions in the past. Please be sure to answer all of the questions.

Based upon the information in the news story, discuss your opinion about the effects of reality-based television shows onsociety. Why are they so popular? Are they “bad” for our society when they show cruel or rude behavior and showcase “domestic and social interactions driven by narcissism, factionalism, competition, and selfishness” as described in the article? Or are they just good, fun entertainment for viewers in a TV world with 300 channels and numerous content choices to choose from? Alsowhat does the popularity of reality-based programs communicate about our society? Is the information presented in the news article accurate? Explain by citing relevant content from the article.

Finally, predict the futureWhat is the next TV program trend that is likely to develop? (Think…and give us one, please.)

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