Gender Roles

Read/review the following resources for this activity:

Gender roles are viewed as behavioral attitudes and expectations of male and female members of society. The roles may vary by country. Various cultures inflict expectations among men and women. In recent years, the previously dictated and prescribed roles based upon gender have transformed significantly around the world.

Much of what we learn about our role in society is influenced by observing and imitating behavior. Our early influences serve to form our attitudes, perspectives, and actions as we transition into adults.

Initial Post Instructions
After watching this week’s video review, reflect upon the role that gender socialization plays in our society. For your initial post, address the following:  

  • Many sociologists analyze the early development of young children as they “play” with others and independently. Consider the simple practice of purchasing toys for children. Visit your local department store or recall from memory to answer the following questions:
    • What colors are associated with boy versus girl toys? Why do you believe these colors are chosen? How do you think they affect an emerging personality?
    • What type of play is “promoted” from the selected toy?
    • Are the toys gender specific or can they be purchased for either gender?
    • Are non-gender specific toys available? Do they differ in design and appearance? How?
  • Critique the Gender Inequality: Males and Females video. Consider some of the commonly viewed stereotypes of male and female roles in America. Share an example of a time you may have been influenced or affected by one of the stereotypes depicted in the video.

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