BUS 401 Final Exam

BUS 401 Final Exam



1.    JBC Corp. declared a dividend of $2 per share, which was an increase of 25% from the prior year, yet JBC Corp. stock declined by 3% the day of the announcement. RBG Corp. declared a dividend of $2 per share, which was the same as the prior year, and its stock increased in value by 2% on the day of the announcement. These events could be most readily explained by the (Points : 1)

       information effect.

       clientele effect.

       expectations theory.  

      residual dividend theory.


2. A firm’s optimal capital structure occurs where? (Points : 1)

       EPS are maximized, and WACC is minimized.

       Stock price is maximized, and EPS are maximized.

       Stock price is maximized, and WACC is maximized.

       WACC is minimized, and stock price is maximized.     


 3. Flotation costs: (Points : 1)

       include the fees paid to the investment bankers, lawyers, and accountants involved in selling a new security issue.  

       encourage firms to pay large dividends.

       are encountered whenever a firm fails to pay a dividend.

       are incurred when investors fail to cash their dividend check.


 4. Assume that the tax on dividends and the tax on capital gains is the same. All else equal, what would a prudent investor prefer? (Points : 1)

       The prudent investor would be indifferent between receiving dividends or capital gains.

       The prudent investor would prefer dividendsa dollar today is always worth more than a dollar to be received in the future.

       The prudent investor would prefer capital gainsthe capital gain tax liability can be deferred until gains are realized.    

       More information is needed.


 5. The break-even point is equal to (Points : 1)

       fixed costs divided by (sales price per unit — variable cost per unit).    

       fixed costs divided by unit variable costs.

       fixed costs divided by selling price per unit.

       (sales price per unit — variable cost per unit) times the fixed costs.


 6. The payment of dividends may indirectly result in closer monitoring of management’s investment activities, thus increasing shareholder value by (Points : 1)

       reducing agency costs.   

       increasing information asymmetry.

       increasing a company’s amount of free cash flow.

       reducing auditing fees.


 7. A firm that uses large amounts of debt financing in an industry characterized by a high degree of business risk would have ______ earnings per share fluctuations resulting from changes in levels of sales. (Points : 1) 






 8. A high degree of variability in a firm’s earnings before interest and taxes refers to (Points : 1)

       business risk.

       financial risk.

       financial leverage.

       operating leverage. 


 9. As production levels increase, (Points : 1)

       variable costs per unit decrease.

       fixed costs per unit increase.

       fixed costs per unit stay the same and variable costs per unit increase.

       fixed costs per unit decrease and variable costs per unit stay the same.  


10. Moline Manufacturing Corporation reported the following items: Sales = $6,000,000; Variable Costs of Production = $1,500,000; Variable Selling and Administrative Expenses = $550,000; Fixed Costs = $1,350,000; EBIT = $2,600,000; and the Marginal Tax Rate =35%. Moline’s break-even point in sales dollars is (Points : 1)


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