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Although a registered nurse (RN) is skilled in many areas and is a critical thinker who is often asked to take on more duties in the developing world of medicine, it is imperative that they perform only the tasks that fall within their scope of practice. The scope of nursing is defined by the American Nurses Association as the “who”, “what”, “when”, “why” and “how” of nursing practice (ANA, 2017).

When determining whether or not an action is within the domain of practice, several factors must be taken into account. Does the nurse understand what the act is that they are being asked to do?  Even if the task is within the scope of nursing, if a nurse does not understand what the task is or how to do it, it should never be attempted. Is the act prohibited by law? State regulations differ from state to state and it is the nurse’s responsibility to be aware of the laws within the state in which they are practicing. Is the act prohibited within the facilities policy and procedures? Some facilities may have more stringent restrictions as to what tasks a nurse is able to perform. If the task is allowed by state law, but prohibited within the facility, the nurse may be reprimanded by the state board for not following the policy and procedures of their facility. Is the nurse both educated and competent to perform the task? Many of the tasks that the nurse is expected to perform is learned prior to obtaining a license. Other tasks may be taught on the job, or even require specific certification (Prather, 2016).

As a registered nurse, it is within my scope of practice to place a nasogastric tube, however as a circulating nurse in the operating room for my entire nursing career, I have not placed a ng tube in over 10 years and would not feel comfortable with the task and it would not be safe for myself or the patient if I were to do so.



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