Nursing Theory, answer a peer with 100 words, please provide references.

The theory of power as knowing participation in change is derived from Roger’s postulates and principles. This revolves around freedom to act, choices and awareness. Power is all about knowing what to choose to do, feeling free to do it, and doing it intentionally (Smith & Parker, 2015). A person has to be able to participate or be actively involved in the change process. Then, the person has to knowingly participate in the change process. This theory can be applied in a variety of areas in nursing such as caring for people who have self-esteem issues, those experiencing hopelessness, trauma, etc (Smith & Parker, 2015).

The theory of Power as Knowing Participation in Change can be applied in Gloria’s case. Gloria was not ready to consider surgery. She believed that prayers is a better solution to relieving pain. Since she has come to realize that surgery is important for her treatment, the nurses can go ahead and convince her to undergo through it. She is also considering non-traditional and traditional treatments and as such willing to participate in her treatment knowingly as described by the theory. Therefore, Gloria was free to choose the treatment method, feels free to do it and participates in it knowingly which aligns with the Theory of Power as Knowing Participation in Change.

MSN essential I (Background for practice from sciences and humanities) is one of the essentials that most relates to this theory. According to this essential, nurses should use their understanding of nursing and related science in order to design a nursing care (AACN, 2011). Nurses should use their understanding of this theory to develop a plan for care.


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