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The Affordable Care Act is kind of a watershed in the public health policies in U.S.Through extension series of and multiple laws that together consists of the U.S federal legal framework in the system of health care.ACA  is an act the forms the main and key legal protections that have been absent till now: which offers the guarantee of coverage to affordable health insurance when given birth till when ones go for retirement. A number of Americans that are uninsured will rise to more than half when the Act is fully implemented. 

There are key provisions that increase the access to the secondary and primary prevention services such as screening of regular diseases and immunizations while still the core goal of the ACA is to raise the access to the system of the traditional health care through the increase in the options for health insurance that is affordable.The mandate of the health plans is to offer preventive health services to their members without charging coinsurance or copayment so long as it is the provider that is delivering the services in the network plan.Blood pressure cancer screenings, cholesterol screening and immunization of vaccinations for both youth and adults are among the preventive health services.

In conclusion, At no cost, several other health behavior interventions are covered including depression screening, misuse screening and counseling and interventions of tobacco cessation.ACA needs food and drug Administration free provision though this is a challenge when it comes to religion perspective to contraception. Shortage of health professional will be a great challenge due to the huge significant number.On the other hand, nurses and who are the programs practitioners will get even stronger.


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