A financial aspect of my project that needs to be taken into account is the cost of training and bringing about new nurses. Due to the fact my focal point in this assignment is understaffing and the effect it has on workers and patient care; the most common solution would be to accomodate appropriate staffing which would require the hiring and training of new workers overtime to decrease the issue of high patient ratio. This can cause an issue in regards to the financial aspect because there will be an increased cost of funding for hiring and training of new nurses. The long term effect will hopefully decrease costs in this area by decreasing nurse burnout rates and increasing nurse retention rates in facilities.

Quality is defined as “ Degree to which health services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge” ( IOM 1990 ; 2013 , para 3). A quality aspect that needs to be taken into account is how the change will benefit patient quality overall. We must account for how patient care will be affected in a positive manner after implementing the change. For example, the increased staffing rates will positively benefit the quality of care because patients who are at higher risks due to higher needs are getting their needs met in a timely manner and nurses are able to provide better care because they are working in a more comfortable environment.

An important clinical aspect is the education factor for older generation nurses. This is a factor to consider as older nurses will be expected to adapt to new technologies and practices brought about to improve efficiency in facilities. Older nurses will not only have to accomodate newer nurses and help incorporate them into the daily bustle of things, they will also have to learn how to use and improve their skills in relation to practice change, increased uses of technologies and other changes made in the field over time.


Institute of Medicine (IOM). (1990). Medicare: A strategy for quality assurance. (Lohr, KN, Ed.). Washington, DC: National Academy Press.


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