There are 6 types of causes of Organizational Conflict. Interdependence, difference in power, status, and culture, organizational ambiguity, competition for scarce resources, drive for autonomy, and bifurcation of submit interests. Competition for Scarce Resources is about the battle line between individuals and when their own goals conflict with others due to scarce resources. Organizations have limited budgets, personnel, equipment, and other resources to give to individuals therefore, conflicts arise. This type of conflict can range from disrespect to intentional sabotage. Patrol officers normally feel exploited and become very cynical normally because they feel like they have been denied resources therefore, they cannot do their job. “As competition for scarce resources increases, cities are turning toward marketing strategies to attract economic and social development. Innovation is a key component of success for destination marketing organizations (DMOs), but there is a need for additional empirical and theoretical development. Findings from this research based on analysis of interviews with 12 DMO leaders illuminate the need for (1) an innovation-centered organizational culture, (2) the ability to use external stakeholders as knowledge sources, and (3) the ability to use and develop knowledge internally” (Daspit, Zavattaro, 2016). To handle this issue a leader would have to step in and sort out all resources equally among everyone, from top to bottom, no matter what rank the individual is. This would help make everyone equal and give everyone a chance.

Chronic health issues have a high effect on the cost of operating in the criminal justice organization.  This will always be a need that one will have in system. A way to lower the cost of the individuals care is to get a hospital help. The hospital can then get tax credits for taking in that prison/jail. This way not only is the hospital doing something for the community, but they are getting a tax break. Who doesn’t like tax breaks? Another way that the criminal justice organization can help with the chronic health issues with the costs is helping prisoners get health care. Finding a way to get them health care approved. “Healthcare coverage rates among released prisoners may be improving with the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).[6,7] The ACA provides several mechanisms to increase healthcare coverage. Two primary mechanisms include tax credits to help middle-income persons purchase private insurance through the state or federal “marketplaces” and the expansion of Medicaid eligibility criteria. Whereas Medicaid traditionally served impoverished adults who were aged, disabled, or had dependents, the ACA expanded criteria to provide coverage to low-income adults regardless of disability or dependents” (Grodensky, Holley, Rosen. 2016). If we make sure individuals in system have health care then some if not most of their bills would be covered which would then lower the cost of operation.

One-third of the nation’s 21 million government workers have come under pointed attack in several states recently. An example would be Wisconsin and Ohio which passed a law that limited the scope of collective bargaining between unions and government agencies. They did this to help control workers pay and ease local and state budget deficits. The government and senators are taking major steps in taking away a lot of rights that union workers use to have. Most private sectors are getting smaller as the public-sector unions are growing. Good pay, generous benefits, and job security make it possible to live in the middle class.


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