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Both federal and state prisons house adult inmates who have been sentenced to imprisonment of at least one year. The prisons have custodial authority over the inmates and may specialize the gender, health and crime convicted of. There are usually educational, health care as well as drug and alcohol treatment plans available to the inmates. An issue facing the prisons that is both current and future is overcrowding. The high number of inmates is caused by the putting of non-violent criminals responsible for petty crimes in the same prisons with the criminals convicted of felonies.


Prison administration is rendered less efficient especially with the number of staff in the corrective institutions that is relatively low as compared to the number of inmates. The morale of prison staff is affected to a great extent interfering with the working relationship between themselves and thus a negative effect on the overall prison administration. Gangs become more violent within the prison walls as the prison administration lacks the muscle for proper control the prisoners somehow manage to get access to goods not allowed like phones and it impacts not only on the prison administration but on the overall security as these devices are used to plan escapes out of the prison and in other criminal activities outside.


In dealing with the issue of overcrowding, the solution would not be to let offenders convicted of petty crimes go scot free but rather to increase the funding available to both federal and state prisons so as to have enough facilities to accommodate all criminals (Gostin et al,2007). This will help in not increasing the number of staff necessary for the proper running of the institutions but also in the physical expansion to curb overcrowding.


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I found your post interesting. So you think that building more facilities and using the taxpayers dollar to accommodate criminals would be the best option? Wouldn’t that just be a very expensive bandage for a much larger problem? The true issue lies with the retribution and deterrence not being effective. A person commits a crime we put them behind bars. Another person commits larger crime and we put them behind bars longer. This is the issue in my opinion. There is no true deterrence. I understand that incarceration in and of itself is supposed to be the deterrence but at this point it has become a part of the life of a career criminal. All the while gaining free room and bored and owing enormous debts to the courts that will never be paid. The system is due for reform in how we sentence these individuals not how to accommodate them.

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