Management Leadership and Change

In this case study, we’re going to go back and take another look at what has transpired within Apple, Inc. over the past couple of years but this time we’re going to consider the succession of Tim Cook to the CEO position in the company.

Please address the following items in a three to four page paper:

i.) Describe Tim Cook’s background and and how he advanced to the lead position within the company?

ii). Discuss whether you believe he was properly groomed for the position?

iii.) Was Cook the best choice, was there someone else internally that would have made a good choice, or should Apple have considered recruiting for the position externally?

Assignment Expectations

  1. Review the articles about succession and succession planning in the required readings for this module.
  2. Then read required articles and analyze the situation at HP as well as the CEO succession that has recently taken place.
  3. For additional information on Apple Computers, spend some time on their web page.
  4. Write a two-three page response to these questions.
  5. Be sure to draw upon and reference the concepts from the required readings.
  6. Please make sure to answer all questions and perform analysis using the concepts of CEO leadership succession.
  7. Please use the required paper format, with an Introduction, main Body with 4 subsection (each question = subsection), Conclusions, List of References. Please use headings, titles, subtitles in order to gain clarity.
  8. Cite and reference your sources.
  9. Post your paper by the end of this module.

Required Materials

Galloway, R., (2013). Is Tim Cook the man to lead Apple? Huffington Post. Retrieved from:

Stone, B., Satariano, A., & Burrows, P., (2012). Mapping a path out of Steve Job’s Shaddow. Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from:

Tyrangiel, J., (2012). Tim Cooks’s freshman year: The Apple CEO Speaks. Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from:

Watkins, M. (2010). How to Deal With the Sudden Loss of a CEO. Bloomberg Business Week, ViewPoint, August 11, 2010. Retrived 11/07/2011 from

Michael Watkins outlines the three steps in succession planning every company must take when faced with an HP/Mark Hurd-type situation

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