HS101 Grantham University World history

Answer ALL of the following questions:

Part One:

Much of the Maya records were destroyed by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. One Catholic monk bent on destroying the manuscripts also recorded their life in his own writings. Read the following account and then describe what we know about Maya government and administration based on the description:

The chiefs agreed that for the permanence of the state the house of the Cocoms [leader] should exercise the chief authority. They ordained that within the enclosure there should only be temples and residences of the chiefs; that they should build outside the walls dwellings where each of them might keep some serving people, and where the people from the villages might come whenever they had business at the city. Officers held supervision over the villages and those in charge of them, to whom he sent advices as to the things needed in the chief’s establishment, as birds, maize, honey, salt, fish, game, clothing and other things. It was the custom of these officers to hunt out the crippled and the blind in the villages, and give them their necessities. The chiefs appointed the governors and, if worthy, confirmed their offices to their sons. They enjoined upon them good treatment of the common people, the peace of the community, and that all should be diligent in their own support and that of the lords.

Diego de Landa, & William Gates. (n.d.). Yucatan Before and After the Conquest 
Retrieved from 

Question: How would you characterize the Maya government administration based on this passage? Please write at least three sentences:

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Part Two

Question: Consider the way that Indian, Chinese, and Mongolian Empires administered their government. Fill in the following list of governments with a sentence summarizing their administrative tactics. Some of them were very specific in their structures; others were characterized with bullying, power, and chaos. Where possible, be specific and in other areas, provide a general description.


The Warring StatesThe Warring states did not have a cohesive theory of administration because there was too much instability as they struggled for supremacy.



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Mobile Peoples


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Part Three:

Write a short essay (250+ words) comparing how successful the comparative Asian empires were in administering government when absent from local areas. The above information should help you put this together. What approaches were most successful, and what can we learn from Asian Empires and their administrative policies?

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