POL 201 American National Government (ACK1624E)- 10 multiple choice quiz

1. Which of these types of communication is generally most effective at educating the electorate about candidates?


1.       campaign-related news coverage

2.       Internet browsing

3.       campaign communication

4.       Facebook posts


2. During what time period was the highest percentage of Americans eligible to vote?


1.       Colonial times (mid-1700s)

2.       Pre-Civil War (mid-1800s)

3.       Gilded Age (early 1900s)

4.       Today (early 2000s)


3. Which of these communication avenues is not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)?


1.       Radio

2.       Internet

3.       Television

4.       Satellite


4. Which of the following is considered a social policy?


1.       Welfare

2.       Healthcare

3.       Retirement

4.       All of the above


5. This principle of U.S. policy presumed that neither superpower would be the first to launch a nuclear attack because such an attack would lead to certain destruction.


1.       Mutually Agreed Decision

2.       Modern Agreed Diplomacy

3.       Mutually Assured Destruction

4.       Mass Attack and Defense


6. What power does a news media personality not have when he/she moderates a televised debate?


1.       They determine which candidates are present.

2.       They ensure that candidates can make rebuttals to which they are entitled.

3.       They ensure that participants do not go over their allotted time.

4.       They write the debate questions.


7. What type of policy lowers interest rates to allow individuals access to more money for large purchases?


1.       Fiscal

2.       Stimulus

3.       Discount

4.       Monetary


8. Are newspapers allowed to endorse candidates?


1.       Yes, the press is completely free to write whatever they want, wherever they want.

2.       Yes, as long as they limit their endorsement to their editorial pages.

3.       No, the Federal Communications Act of 1934 eliminated this option.

4.       No, newspapers must give “equal time” to all candidates.


9. Policy in the United States is guided by which of the following basic goals?


1.       Equity

2.       Efficiency

3.       Liberty

4.       All of the above


10. What is the primary way that government officials communicate with citizens?


1.       Through the media

2.       Through legislation

3.       Through polls

4.       Through focus groups

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