Mini report

Due: Nov 13, 2017 at 12:59 AM

Develop a thesis statement that will be supported by current research about the topic. Write a three page paper using three trustworthy, primary research reports. You may include additional sources, however, do not generalize from data in news reports, isolated incidents, case studies and so on.

Mini-Research Report – 75 pts

Format: 3 pages, double spaced

Intro-Attention getting intro, relevance and objective of the paper expressed, preview statement that lists the main points you will address, why you care about this topic

Main points-Describe the research: variables, research questions, phenomena researchers studied, how the research was collected, research conclusions, how this ties in to the main point addressed in your paper, importance with regard to health communication

A series of paragraphs each devoted to one main point that supports your thesis. Avoid organizing the analysis by study. Instead identify three main points suggested by the studies and focus one paragraph on each main point, using evidence from the studies as support. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that summarizes the main point to be developed.

Conclusion-A summary of your main points, your analysis of the most important lessons,How we might use this information relevant to health communication

APA reference list- Three sources that meet the expert sources criteria


Expert Sources Criteria:

Did the author (s) of this study personally collect and analyze the data?

Was the study published within the last 5 years?

Does the published study report the following clearly labeled sections: Literature review, methods, results, discussion?

Does the source include a reference list of cited sources?

Is the citation in your research draft complete and in APA format?

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