Police Technology

New technology represents an important force multiplier for police agencies. Recent advances in the arena of high-tech gadgetry, software, and hardware may allow police departments to gain critical advances in the areas of response times, productivity, and safety. Police administrators realize that criminals are becoming more sophisticated and, as a result, police agencies must also increase their knowledge and use of technology if they are to keep pace with today’s criminal. In addition, the recent reduction in many law enforcement budgets has highlighted the need for greater use of technology in an effort to work smarter through the application of technology resources.

Chapter 14 “Technology Review” provides exploration and analysis of the important technological advances and applications in the field of law enforcement. The chapters reveal advances in technology, from computer information and application systems, to gadgetry or tools that will aid in the capture of criminals. This technology also aids in limiting or eliminating potential injuries to officers and the suspects that they intend to detain or arrest.

Write a 3-page paper (excluding the cover and references page) using APA format and three to five references that responds to the following:

Your paper should identify the most useful and potentially beneficial emergent or currently applied technology that you believe will aid law enforcement in the performance of their public safety mission. In the course of the paper, please identify four technologies and explain their applied value to police agencies.

As an example, if you identify a technology that is a suspect apprehension tool, please explain the value of the gadget (i.e., taser), how it is applied in the field, why it is of demonstrated benefit to officers, and what you believe the impact of the use of the technology item will be to both the law enforcement agency and also the public that they serve. The same principles would apply for computer software or hardware components. Again, the key is to fully explain the usefulness of the items in their application and benefit to the law enforcement field.


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