This story was very different and at least to me very. It seemed like it would be more fitting if it was made into a manga. I think having that visual aspect of it would make it more comical than it is as a regular fiction story. What I liked about the story was how the frog was the narrator of the story in a sense because even though he is the beginning conflict of the story, he is the one who provides background information on not only why he is there but also who Mr. Katagiri is and how the rest of the story will basically play out. There is a book by Joseph Campbell called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” This story reminded about the book because of the fact that the story follows this idea of what journey a hero takes when he is called upon and basically how he becomes the legendary he is today. I believe this is why even though this story was a bit out there, it was entertaining to read because we have read this type of story before with heroes from Greek mythology like Hercules to superheroes of today like Superman or the Avengers. They all follow this model.

   I thought it was very interested that he chose to make the entire story a dream of a probably mentally ill person. It kind of seems like Katagiri envisions himself as this courageous person. It kinds of seems like Mr.Frog is his conscious who is there to tell him and reinforce the idea that he can be courageous even if it does mean, just cheering on the sideline. He wants to feel important he imagines this giant disaster where is it the key to saving millions of lives and no one can stop it but him and Mr. Frog. This whole story is Katagiri trying to be a hero, something entirely different than what his life is probably is like. It also reminded me of Inception because we believe the first setting of the story is what it actually seems to be, then it seems that everything he was experiencing was made up because of the background information the nurse gives us at the very end.

Word Count: 369

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