Respond please 5 8 sentences

  • Response Guidelines

    Review the responses of at least two other learners and respond to their work.

    Consider the following ideas in each response.

    • Contrast each learner’s posting with the plan you proposed.
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of their plans.

    Homan (2016) stresses for organization that people are your most valuable resource that any organization can have. The organization cannot do it all by themselves. When you bring people in, you have the potential to bring a variety of talents and assets to the table (p. 173). “Any change that amounts to anything involves other people, maybe even a lot of people” (p. 173). With talents and assets, they can bring new ideas as well. Most importantly, you are allowing outsiders in to be a part of something bigger. People are always looking to help and give back. Why not utilize this into something greater the organization already is.

    With more hands involved there is additional help to help with any future fundraising events. Not only does the organization get include others into meaningful, sometimes lifechanging events, but we have a labor pool to fill the gap rather to hire temporary help. With a fundraising event, the organization can brand themselves, let others know the new direction, recruit potential funders, and possibly partner with other organizations that can supply us with future items, for the new mission, or more fundraising events. The need to meet new people and organizations are priority to furthering the new course. Maybe with money, maybe with items, and maybe with added services for the new population. Anything that is more than what we have is progress. With progress comes change.  



    Homan, M. (2016). Promoting community change: Making it happen in the real world (6th ed.), Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9781305101944.

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