Two set of discussions questions to post for MBA level Human Resource Management Online!

(Week 6) Two set of discussions questions to post for MBA level Human Resource Management Online!


Please Read Instructions First:   This assignment for discussions questions “does not” require APA style.  I have to post to discussion board for an online class.  I attached an “example format for discussion questions” so you can see how the discussions questions should be formatted and  answered.  All work should be original with no plagiarism and in proper English grammar.  The responses should include answering the main discussion questions, fully, including proper cites as well.  If you use citations, I should be able to look it up online to find where you got it from.  (USE ALL AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS, CITATIONS AND RESOURCES FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT!)  The professor requires that the questions be restated and then answered for the discussion questionsI highlighted the questions in “red, bold, italic and underlined” so you would know exactly which ones to restate and answer.  If this is not done, it is his option to deduct formatting points and I could get a “0” for the work.  The more in-depth the information is, the better, as long as you fully answer each set of discussions questions.  Discussion Questions Set 1 should be about two pages including restating the questions.  Discussion Questions Set 2 should be about two pages including restating the questions.


1.  Discussion Questions Set 1 “Performance Appraisals” Please respond to the following:


·         Determine why organizations can have higher productivity when top managers encourage supervisors to set goals, assess performance, and provide feedback to employees.  Support your answer with examples. Then, describe the experience you have had with performance appraisals and how your performance has been influenced by them.  

·         Go to businessballs’ Website and review the information regarding performance appraisals.  Next, rate the importance of measuring performance and providing an opportunity for feedback. Support your position.

·         Class, in an article published by ClearCompany, the author listed five (5) tips to align performance management and goal setting for the employees.  They are below:

1.  align employee goals with company goals;

2.  collaborate with employees to set goals;

3.  make performance goals attainable;

4.  increase engagement with career discussions; and,

5.  recognize goal achievement, or lack thereof.


Now, how do we link the job analysis with the above factors to design and administer an effective performance management system?


2.  Discussion Questions Set 2 “Performance Measurement” Please respond to the following:


·         Imagine you are working at an ice cream shop.  It is the middle of summer, the shop’s busiest season, and the electricity goes out during a storm.  Rank the actions that you should take in order of importance, as your performance will be measured regarding your immediate actions.

·         Assess the advantages and / or disadvantages of having more than one source of performance measurement within a company.  Support your position with examples.  Of the performance measurement sources you provided, select one that you believe your current or previous company could benefit from and explain why.

·         Class, when we discuss performance measurement in HR we must be very specific in what we are discussing, and defining, as it impacts on what we measure.  There are many types of performance measures that HR can draw upon such as, MBO, KPI, and Metrics.  You know measurement is only accurate if you are measuring the right thing.  For example, if you wanted to know how fast a car was going in the US you would measure MPH v. KPH.  Measuring KPH would give you a number, but the number would not be accurate because it does not answer the question.  When you look at picking a performance management measurement you must consider how that measurement supports the business unit’s, and organizations, goals.  Now, herein lies the problem having more than two (2) performance measurements in the organization can lead to confusion, especially when two (2) different measurements are used in the same skill.  This is not to say that two (2) different measurements cannot be used, however, it does say that there must be concern for equity in what is being measured.  Can you think of an example where you might use two (2) different measurements for your job?




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