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I need 250 words smmary about( Dementia/ Alzehiemer Disease) From the article in the link above. 

I need it in 8 hours.

Assignment : Summary

 In this assignment you will look for one article to summarize. The article may be in a journal, magazine, newspaper, or material from a credible web site. The article must be in English and be prepared to defend the credibility of the source. Locate a publication you think will give you information that will be helpful in your final project report. You will have to locate more than one article and select the best one. The publications you can use for this short project should run at least 1200 words. Please hand a copy of the article with its references with your final draft.


Your summary will be exactly 250 words. It will do the following:

  • identify the author, the name of the article, and the date and place of publication,
  • identify the main idea/argument/position/assumption of the author,
  • identify the purpose of the article
  • identify key supporting ideas,
  • be direct, concise, objective, and neutral,
  • discuss the article from an “outsider’s” perspective,
  • use your OWN words,  
  • cover all main points of the article
  • keep the reader informed through attributive tags (such as according to Jones… or Jones argues that… or The author explains that…) that you are expressing someone else’s ideas,
  • be a unified, focused, and coherent piece of writing!


Your summary will NOT:


  • be over 250 words,
  • show your opinion of the article or its arguments,
  • contain grammar or spelling mistakes,
  • include long quotations,
  • leave important facts out,
  • give too much importance to some details and not enough to others,
  • forget to mention the author and what ideas are his/hers,
  • discuss the ideas as if they were yours;
  • include some unnecessary details. 

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