1. Question (1) how has the family in the USA changed overtime for example from 1800s to 1900s to 2000s? (2) What are some compelling sociological factors that influenced these changes? (3) How has the term family come to be defined in 2017 in the USA?

2. Do you believe that a family makeup or type (e.g. single-parent, two-parent, homosexual, Hispanic, White, Black, Native American, lower class, recent immigrants) impact or influence how the family lives and interacts within the family and with outside society?

3. Bronfenbrenner bioecological theory focuses on five key systems which consist of micro system, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and cronosystem. When I think of what a family consists of, this system is reasonable method to describe them. The family I will discuss relates with the microsystem due to having children who maintain relationships with the community, school and peer groups. Although two siblings being raised in the same household by the same two parents, they may or may not interact with peers the same as the other. The parents may interact and be involved with people of the community and it will be encouraged that the children follow suit and maintain those relationships to bring about harmony and balance. The exosystem refers to when the children or family are moved from place to place for instance, if the parents are a low-income family and have to move often due to financial issues and the family has to reacclimatize themselves to their new community. The parent who socializes their child and family with their culture or religious norms are exhibiting a part of a macrosystem. Lastly, the cronosystem provides some change and transition throughout the children’s life.

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4. While I lean towards a different system theory, I enjoyed reading about the theory that you lean towards. Learning about the different theories is important, as you say, because no one family is the same. Because of this, one could conclude that not every theory will help determine causes of conflict or reasons for cohesiveness in a family. A family with just one parent may come accross different challenges or triumphs than a family consisting of one biological parent and one step-parent. While the family system theory emphasizes looking at the individual parts of the family, the other theories have valid ways of looking at a family as well. 

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