Explain what you understand or your view in at least 75 words for each question

Promoting Client Goal Ownership in a Clinical Setting


1. Review the article below to gain a better understanding of how to promote client goal ownership in a clinical setting. This article focuses on collaborating with patients for goal setting, specifically in an occupational setting; but the ideas on promoting goal ownership is applicable to all disciplines, specifically social work and case management.  Explain what you understand or your view in at least 75 words for each question



Below, review the PowerPoint to learn more about the importance of using SMART goals, importance of client-driven goals, specific and measurable goals, criteria for specific and measurable goals, issues of reliability, attainability, relevancy and time bound.

3. More on SMART Goals


Watch the video below to learn more about SMART goals. 

4. The case manager supported the client by using reflective listening and restated feelings/issues that were discussed at a previous session, and asked how things have been since the last visit. She also used open questions to allow the client to express herself, and asked her what her goals are by being seen at the agency. The client’s medication needs and support system were also discussed. It is important for the social worker to collaborate with the client to give her options to create goals and be involved in her service plan. By the client being involved in determining their goals, they are able to feel in control of the decisions and desire to make change. If the social worker were to set goals for the client without their involvement, the client could feel lack of control of their own life, not value the goal, and feel that they are being told do something by someone else. Time lines are important with goal setting because it places responsibility and accountability on the client. 

5. As a case manager, you strive to have a positive impact on the client within the community. You serve as a facilitator to better lifestyles for the clients. It’s not easy, for there are multiple components when working with clients.  Working with a client to make positive
changes within the client’s life and their behavior.  Whether you’re setting goals or objective to meet your goals.  Goal should not be set
by the case manager, when a client sets him or her goal they are more likely to work toward the success of completing what they have set in place. “It is best to choose small objectives, small attainable steps that you know the person will be able to accomplish” (Summer 2015). The case manager works with the clients in setting the goals in which they are able to complete.  For its important not to set goals that are not realistic or finishing before they get started with their goals.  It’s important to when stating or writing the goal you always state that the client will do the goals in which has been set.  For example I wanted to do something different in my life, returning back to school was of them.  So, I first check on line for the courses which they offer and then register for the classes.  And here I am now still continuing my education and with 2 more classes to complete before receiving my Bachelor’s Degree.  But I could have continued for the 3 ½ years saying what I wanted to do instead of taking the step necessary to continue my education.

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