Response to the Professor

Can you please help with the response I received from my prof and fellow student….on motivation homework you helped me.


Here is the response from my Prof the motivation topic you helped with

Looking at Maslow’s hierarchy which has been discussed by many researchers, I found interesting sources suggesting that first, categorising “needs” in a hierarchy is somehow not right: needs are not hierarchical. Life is less organised than that. Needs are, like most other things in nature, an interactive, dynamic system, thus it is not possible to elaborate a definite hierarchy.) 

Second, his hierarchy might be missing something essential: the need of social connection and collaboration. Are any of the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy possible without those two factors? Without collaboration, survival might become difficult. Even back then, it was not possible to defeat a Woolley Mammoth, build a secure structure, or care for children while hunting without a team effort. Our reliance on each other grows as societies became more complex, interconnected, and specialized. Connection is a prerequisite for survival, physically and emotionally. 



The thought I walk away with is, models are great but what does this mean in practice? We know that our society has changed over the generations and the style and type of work being done but that is only one piece of the puzzle. What about people? It seems unlikely that one size fits all. Furnham et al (1999) discuss the link between motivation style and personality. Whilst they admit this study is limited one sentence that stood out, “The extravert is motivated to gain a promised reward; the introvert is motivated to avoid a threatened punishment.” This implies that in order for a leader or manager to be successful they need to understand the different motivation theories and apply appropriately

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