Multiple Questions Answers

1 In which of the following groups of people in the U.S. would the incidence of poverty be the greatest? 
A. Black families with a female head 
B. All families of seven or more members 
C. Farmers and farm laborers 
D. Families whose head is age 65 or over 

2 Which of the following groups has the lowest median income in the United States? 
A. Married couples with both spouses working 
B. Female-headed families with no husband present 
C. Male-headed families with no wife present 
D. Married couple families with the wife not working

3.  Carl is in a car accident caused by Frank. Carl was able to collect damages and medical expenses from his own insurance company even though fault had yet to be determined. Carl probably lives in a state that
requires __________ insurance.
A. liability
B. no-fault
C. uninsured motorist
D. collision


4.  Tom gave a mortgage to Big Bank. Big Bank failed to record the mortgage. Then Tom gave a mortgage to Second Bank. Second Bank recorded the mortgage and didn’t know about the mortgage to Big Bank. After Second Bank recorded, Big Bank recorded its mortgage. After both mortgages are recorded,
Tom defaults on both debts. Which of the following statements is true?
A. If these are the only two mortgages on the property, they’ll share the proceeds pro-rata based on the amount due each.
B. Tom doesn’t owe the debt to Big Bank because Big Bank failed to record the mortgage promptly.
C. Big Bank has a first mortgage.
D. Second Bank has a first mortgage.

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