Multiple Questions Answers

1. Which angle measure is consistent with allof the following criteria?
(i) The reference angle is 40°.
(ii) The angle is more than one revolution.
(iii) The angle’s terminal side is in Quadrant II.
(iv) The angle isn’t positive.

A. –220°

B. 500°

C. –500°

D. –580°




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A. x = 12

B. x = 10

C. x = 15

D. x = 16


7. Solar panels are used to convert energy from the sun into electricity. To get the best result, the panel has to be perpendicular to the sun’s rays; in other words, angle θ has to be a right angle. What should the height, h,be if θ is a right angle, a solar panel is 12 ft long, and the sun’s angle of elevation is 38°?





A. 9.4 ft

B. 15.4 ft

C. 7.4 ft

D. 9.5 ft


8. When viewing Angel Falls (the world’s highest waterfall) from Observation Platform A, located on the same level as the bottom of the waterfall, we calculate the angle of elevation to the top of the waterfall to be 69.30°. From Observation Platform B, which is located on the same level exactly 1000 feet from the first observation point, we calculate the angle of elevation to the top of the waterfall to be 52.90°. How high is the waterfall?

A. 1,322 ft

B. 2,643 ft

C. 2,646 ft

D. 998.5 ft


10. A wheel 5.00 ft in diameter rolls up a 15.0° incline. How far above the base of the incline is the top of the wheel after the wheel has completed one revolution?


A. 9.07 ft

B. 4.07 ft

C. 13.1 ft

D. 8.13 ft


12. Find the height of the Barrington Space Needle if the angle measured from the ground 1000 ft (measured to the nearest foot) from the point on the ground directly below the top of the needle is 58.15°.

A. 1,610 ft

B. 621.2 ft

C. 527.7 ft

D. 1,895 ft


13. A stairway must be built to a deck that is 20 feet above ground level. To the nearest half foot, how far from the base of the deck, on ground level, should the beginning of the stairway be placed so that the stairway forms a 60° angle from the ground?

A. 12 ft

B. 35 ft

C. 11.5 ft

D. 11 ft


15. In a right triangle with g the right angle, b = 86.5 and c = 125.8. What is β ?

A. 43.2°

B. 46.4°

C. 43.4°

D. 46.6°


17. Convert 21°50″ to decimal degrees. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth.

A. 21.833°

B. 21.014°

C. 21.8333°

D. 21.0138°



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