Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1
The protocol that allows computers to locate and communicate with each other is called:

Question 2
Of the factors that have been identified as particularly important to online reading, which relates to how easily readers can move through and locate places on the Web?

A. Responsiveness
B. Navigation
C. Legibility
D. Equipment and service
Question 3
When Web site designers consider the framework that structures the information in such a way that that it meets the goals and expectations of the user, they are considering:

A. online video presentations.
B. content.
C. page/screen design.
D. information architecture.
Question 4
Which link’s primary function is to authenticate the site and its content by describing the organization’s legal status, its formal policies, contact information, and so on?

A. Authorizing
B. Commenting
C. Referencing/Citing
D. Exemplifying

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