Multiple Questions Answers

1. By having a “good will,” Kant fundamentally meant that one:
Should use one’s conscience and intuition to determine morality.
Should have the strength and will-power to get power and position and to achieve one’s goals.
Should have the strength of character to do what is morally right and not do what is morally wrong.
Should always be the first to buy a “round of drinks” for one’s friends at Happy Hour.

2. Kantian ethics can best be characterized by:
The consultation of an outside source, such as a person or a book, for guidance.
The belief that a person must decide what course of action is proper based on that person’s own set of beliefs and feelings.
Determining which course of action produces the greatest amount of good for society.
A set of universal moral rules based on reasoning that must be applied in all situations and characterized by consistency and rationality.

3. World Development Corporation suggests that its employees apply the Categorical Imperative to ethical issues that arise at work. This theory requires that the employees
Seek to overthrow unjust governments by any means at their disposal
Categorize the issues according to profitability and legality
Evaluate their actions in light of how they treat human beings
Take whatever steps are necessary to survive since one can say categorically that it is a “moral jungle” in the business world.


4. Consumer Products, Inc., asks its employees, many of whom are unionized, to apply the Utilitarian theory of ethics. This theory does NOT require
A choice among alternatives that will produce maximum social utility
A determination of what individuals will be affected by an action
An assessment of the positive and negative consequences of alternative actions on individuals affected
The acquiring of the means of production and distribution by the workers.

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