Multiple choice

1. Jackie told a group of her friends that she plans to sell her home one day. Meg asked how much she hoped to get for the house, and Jackie replied, Meg said, I accept your offer to purchase your house for $50,000. No contract exists because 

A. the terms of the offer were not reasonably certain. 

B. Jackie didn’t objectively intend to enter a contract.

C. the offer wasn’t properly communicated.

D. Jackie’s statements were merely preliminary negotiations.


2. Josey is a seventeen-year-old who lives on her own in the city. Josey’s parents are deceased, and she once lived with her grandmother, although her grandmother doesn’t have legal custody of Josey. She signs a lease to rent an apartment with Syd Landlord. Josey violates the terms of the lease, and moves out six months early. Syd sues Josey for breach of contract. The most likely result will be that 

A. Josey may disaffirm the contract, but will have to pay for the reasonable value of the rent. 

B. Josey may disaffirm and avoid the contract.

C. Syd may disaffirm and avoid the contract.

D. Josey’s grandmother may be forced to uphold the contract.


3. Joe made Mandie an offer of employment. Joe gave Mandie a copy of the employment contract, and stated, If you accept, I must receive your acceptance by December 1 at 5:00 P.M. The written contract stated the same requirement. Mandie lived 30 miles from Joe’s office. Mandie signed the employment contract, and placed it in a correctly addressed, stamped envelope, and deposited it in the mail on December 1 at 12:00 P.M. Joe receives the acceptance on December 3. The result is that a contract 

A. was formed because of the mailbox rule. 

B. wasn’t formed because mailing the acceptance wasn’t authorized.

C. wasn’t formed because Joe specifically conditioned his offer on acceptance by a certain time. 

D. was formed because Mandie unequivocally accepted the terms of the contract.


4. Tom contracts with Jerry to purchase an oil painting. Tom and Jerry mistakenly think that the oil painting was painted by Monet, the famous artist, and that it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. When Tom discovers the mistake, he seeks to rescind the contract. The most likely result will be that the contract will 

A. not be rescinded because the mistake was one of value. 

B. be rescinded because the mistake was one of fact.

C. be rescinded due to fraudulent misrepresentation.

D. be rescinded due to undue influence.


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