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Use this reference also: Appelrouth, S., & Edles, L. D. (2010). Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era: Text and Readings (2 ed.). Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications.

in response to the below do at least ONE of these:  offering advice or strategy; posing a question and providing an alternative point-of-view, 

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Michel Foucault’s disciplinary society is relatable to the Panopticon that induced the threat of surveillance in jails, and suggests that “the intimidation created by possible surveillance tends to normalize human activity and create a self-induced complicity with the rules” (Appelrouth & Edles, 2010, p.394). Basically, the fear of punishment leads to obedience regardless if there is someone watching or not, though that does not stop some people for committing frowned upon or illegal acts even when they know for a fact they are being surveilled. The increased capabilities of our technological age have increased surveillance and therefore increased the likelihood of obedience of the rules, norms, values, and laws of society.

On a larger scale, this is relatable to the police doing their job. There is often not a time in which someone is not recording their interaction with the public from their cellular devices. This can be useful in determining what the officer said happened, but can be detrimental to the officer if their conduct is not by the book or they use excessive force. This known that they are constantly being watched makes them more cautious of their actions. On a more personal level, Foucault’s disciplinary society theory relates to my own life, and millions of others, when I am driving. I know there are police and civilians watching my driving, and I drive safely and according to the law to refrain from punishment. That could be from someone honking their horn and bringing attention to my vehicle, speeding and getting a ticket that I have to pay, and even possibly causing an accident and a death that I could go to jail for. I am never 100% sure of who is watching or their purpose in doing so, but I know it is heavily prevalent and adjust my actions accordingly to avoid any wrongdoing. 

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