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Rubric for Report # 2Phys 2215  (Hooke’s Law)
Title Experiment and DateIntroduction/Theory (3 points) What are the main purposes of this experiment?
 Brief summary of the theory of Hooke’s Law and how to determine the
Hooke’s Law limit. 
Procedure  General description of the experimental method used (noting differences inprocedures and goals for each of the 5 questions (i.e. measurements of k and
destructive testing) A simplified sketch of the experimental set up.          
Results Summarize your results for the 5 experiments (include tables and graphs)
 Qu1: Test spring specifications and mass for spring damage. Qu2: Average k and its uncertainty for 1st spring (from table and graph)  and
% comparison Qu3: Estimation of Hooke’s Law limit for 1st spring Qu4: Average k and its uncertainty for 2nd spring and its Hooke’s law limit  Qu5: Average k and its uncertainty for 3rd spring and its Hooke’s law limit 
Discussion  Comparison of the measured average values of k and their uncertainties  (for
questions 2, 4 and 5) with your expectations.
 Discussion on how well you were able to estimate the Hooke’s law limit for
your springs (questions 1 and 3) – referring to graphs/tables of results.General  Well written and clear graphs and figures   Reveals a good understanding of the experiments

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