Topic 8

Attention, please! For Discussion Topics 8-10, we are to go a little beyond our required course materials and you can do EITHER of the following:

  1. Discuss one of our reference books The Panda and Monkey King Christmas–A Family’s Year in China by Nelly M. Case & Stephen F. Ledoux. [Available in SUNY Canton’s Southworth Library] Dr. Ledoux is a SUNY Canton’s professor who has been to China several times teaching at Xi’an Foreign Language University (currently known as Xi’an International Studies University) and traveling extensively around China; therefore, the book he co-authored has proved to be a good resource which you may find experientially closer to you Americans than the other texts we use. Hopefully, Dr. Ledoux will have the time to join our discussion. But, if not, you can probably pay a visit to him at FOB 312 or give him a call at 386-7423 at his convenience. To help you better understand the book, your instructor has prepared a booklet of “Study Questions, “which you can click to download for reference. For Topic 8, let’s just focus our discussion on the topic: How can this book help you if you get to plan a trip to China?
  2. In case you live off campus and have no access to the college library, read this article about Education in China at the official website of the Chinese Ministry of Education ( and share with us your thoughts, insights, comments, or questions, criticisms, constructive suggestions, etc. 

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