*KIM WOODS* Pretrial Process Paper. OUTLINE ONLY

Prepare an outline for the Week 5 assignment:


Pretrial Process Paper. 


·         Pretrial detention and the concept of bail

·         Preliminary examinations

·         The role of the grand jury

·         The prosecutor’s duty to disclose exculpatory information

·         Prosecutorial misconduct


Use the format of the sample Outline attached. 


Ensure the outline must include a properly APA formatted title page, introduction (heading only – not the narrative), all main points responsive to the assignment and a summary (heading only).   See below on references.


Additionally, conduct research to support the major points of the paper and provide a properly APA formatted reference page which includes the list of scholarly acceptable references. 


References should be from the following resources: course textbook, professional journals (encourage UOP online library – choose “peer reviewed” option for searches) and government agency websites. 


Do not use non-academic resources such as Findlaw.com,Wikipedia, Ask.com, eHow.com, AssociatedContent.com, commercial websites, etc.



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