What Is a Dissertation?

What Is a Dissertation?

The incomplete dissertation definition means that there is still a lot of work to do at the end of a doctorate. A dissertation can mean something different. It is an academic argument. It is a piece scholarly writing that is based upon the research and data that scholars have gathered over their studies. Experts define a dissertation as such. The goal is to bring together all of the skills that a student has gained.

How Long Is a Dissertation?

Dissertation length usually depends on the study level and country but it generally consists of around 15 000-25 000 words for a master s or MBA level and up to 50 000 words or more for a PhD dissertation.

Thesis vs. Dissertation.

A thesis is written for a Master's Degree. A dissertation is written for an advanced doctorate. A "thesis" is a common term in American academic terminology, while a "dissertation", is more common in European academic settings. These papers are similar in format to research papers that you might write as an undergraduate. You will need to research a topic, analyze what you have learned, and then determine how it relates in relation to the subject matter that you are studying. The thesis should be able to demonstrate your ability to think critically and to know how to discuss the topic in-depth. The thesis definition can be interchangeable with that of the dissertation. You may use other research to help you develop your hypothesis or concept. A dissertation's main content is written by you. However, a doctoral thesis should include much more information. It will include extensive background and research information. You also need to explain how you came up the information. A dissertation can be a complicated academic paper. It will likely exceed the length of a thesis by at least two or three times.

Research is key to a dissertation.

Before you start writing your dissertation, it's a good idea to look for databases and review other works in your field. You can order an online dissertation if you cannot find one that you like while writing yours. Online ordering will allow you to have a ready-made dissertation that you can use as a basis for your own work or to refer to as a reference. You don't want to waste time reading or analyzing irrelevant materials so the research process must be efficient and methodical.

Different types of dissertations

The topic of the dissertation and the course of study will dictate the type of the dissertation. The type of dissertation that a student chooses will depend on the course of study as well as the topic.


An empirical thesis is one that involves conducting original research on a small scale in order gather relevant data. An empirical dissertation is based on the principles and practices of empiricism. It seeks to examine the phenomena and find the truth. You can collect data in many ways, such as through questionnaires, observation and recording interviews or focus groups. Or you can use different approaches such that you analyze existing data from a unique perspective and draw interesting parallels. In some disciplines such as life and natural science the dissertation may be entirely founded on laboratory work.However it might be important to note that even though the focus of the empirical dissertation is on using data you also have to create a solid theoretical basis for your work.

Non-empirical dissertation

Non-empirical is the exact opposite of the empirical dissertation. It is not possible to conduct original research or gather new data. A non-empirical research dissertation is the opposite. It involves spending a lot more time in the library studying books, thinking, and discussing theories in order find potentially important and valuable work. It is important to do thorough research on the relevant studies and critically evaluate their practical implications.

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