Week 2 Instructor Insight The History of Policing may appear to be a simple topic, but it’s a lot…

Week 2 Instructor Insight The History of Policing may appear to be a simple topic, but it’s a lot…

Week 2 Instructor Insight

The History of Policing may appear to be a simple topic, but it’s a lot more complex and involved than it first appears!

Within these links/download(s), you will find information and analysis that will help you form a better understanding of the history of policing in many aspects.

As you carefully review the information within these links/download(s), please focus your attention upon a few questions. What value does knowledge and understanding of history offer us? Might it help to prevent repeated mistakes? Might it help to save resources from being applied to already-disproven theories and practices?

Notice, again, that I provide you with official governmental resources. Please be sure to use Acceptable Resources both in your Discussions and in Writing Assignments. What are Acceptable Resources? Visit the Student Center for a full articulation and explanation!

Enjoy these great resources to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the history of policing!


Debating the Evolution of American Policing – DOJ (1988)  (Download)


Understanding Community Policing – DOJ – BJA (Download)




This is part of the discussion question

• Chapter 4: Police in Society: History and Organization

• Read the scenario.
• Complete Fact or Fiction.
• Review the Knowledge units. There are three of them.
• Play, review and apply the information in the simulation. Feel free to play it more than

once to ensure understanding.
• Complete the weekly Knowledge check. • Complete the e-Activity
• Participate in the discussion.*

Activities in Jurisville are not graded and do not count toward your final score

*Note: Review your instructor’s discussion participation instructions and rubric regarding the discussion requirements. Some on-ground sections use in-class discussion participation in lieu of the online discussion boards.
Contact your instructor for clarification.

To access the learning objects of this week, go to Jurisville > Crime and Policing > Week 2






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The term history refers to the past events that took place relating to a particular subject.  Human beings are taught their history because of the value that is present in studying and understanding their history. The major value why human beings study about their history of policing is because they can use such history to deal with the conflicts that are bound to occur as human beings interact with each other. Like in the case where a particular group is charged with the responsibility of doing something, years to come this information might be used to deal with conflicts that may arise…..


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