Fundamental aspects to write your thesis


Fundamental aspects to write your thesis

One of the most involving academic writing tasks is writing a degree thesis. That is because it requires commitment in terms of time, energy during researching and writing. Most students get stuck at different points of writing a thesis. This article provides you with the basic things you need to know before starting to do your degree thesis.

Thesis Topic:

For your thesis to be successful, you must identify a topic or investigative problem that catches your attention and is connected to your professional career. Likewise, the topic is extremely crucial as it will delimit your study throughout your semesters at the university, which is why it is important that you take enough time to choose it and discuss it with your advisers and/or university professors. For example, if you study Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, you can choose to address the issue of animal rights in the USA; While if you study a Bachelor of Education you can focus on teaching through ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Research resources

They are a set of stored data of an academic nature, usually, each university provides its students with one, or they have alliances with other universities. It is mandatory that in your thesis you have information extracted from reliable sources, journals, and scientific articles, in order not to fall into misinformation.

Thesis Academic Formatting

Currently, there are endless formats for the presentation of degree or thesis works, the most popular or recognized worldwide are APA, MLA Harvard, Chicago, and Vancouver among others. Each type of standard is in charge of describing a font, size, and accepted line spacing in addition to governing guidelines for the aesthetic and sequential presentation of your thesis. Below, you can see how some bibliographic references are in APA seventh edition format:


When writing an academic thesis, you should at no case commit plagiarism, copy, imitation as it can lead to academic problems such as suspension, and even expulsion. That is why you must inquire into the proper forms of citation and references. On the other hand, you have to be aware that some universities have technology programs to identify plagiarism and give it a percentage level, so you need to always be very careful.


If there are a study and sample population in your thesis, you need to rigorously follow a series of protocols to choose them properly and not fail in the attempt. But what do we mean? For example, if your degree thesis focuses on a topic or social phenomenon, you must choose the set of individuals, objects or measures that you will study.

Thesis Objectives

Every thesis has a general objective and specific objectives, those in charge of encompassing the expectations that are expected to be achieved throughout the research project. However, writing the objectives should not be taken lightly, you must make correct use of Spanish and its verbs and infinitives, such as reach, achieve, and rule, among others.

Methodological approach 

A key part for the success of your degree thesis is the methodological approach you decide to choose, so you basically have to ask yourself the following: Do I seek to determine the cause and effect relationship of some phenomenon? What types of data do I need? Will I use surveys or experiments?

The three most used methodological approaches are quantitative, qualitative, and mixed. In the quantitative, data are collected that prove some hypothesis through numbers or statistical studies; in the qualitative, data are collected by observing and lastly, the mixed one, a merger in charge of collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

Research design

They are the pertinent plans or strategies to be able to develop the objectives, those objectives initially raised in your degree thesis. The research design is divided into experimental and non-experimental: the experimental ones stand out for their manipulation of subjects and conditions; in the non-experimental ones, only the factors are observed, that is, without manipulating the subjects and conditions.


Through illustrative resources such as tables, images, and graphs you can present the final results that you obtained throughout your investigation. Remember that the correct presentation and analysis of the results reflects the viability of your project, having great success for future researchers and interested publishers.


Support is the last step to complete your thesis, so if you reached this stage, congratulations; however, you need to possess certain communication skills for its due exposure. Reaching a qualifying jury is not easy, and you must know your degree thesis thoroughly to successfully answer any question. Remember that we have expert consultants in public speaking, who have vast experience so that when you have to support orally you are the best of the presentation

Are you starting your degree thesis and don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, here we will teach you; at, we know that the realization process can be somewhat tedious. However, we can help you at any stage of writing your degree thesis. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.


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