the P.E.R.I.E. model

the P.E.R.I.E. model

the P.E.R.I.E. model

Preparing for This Assignment:

Review the P.E.R.I.E. model and process described in Ch. 2, “Evidenced-Based Public Health,” of your course textbook, Public Health 101: Improving Community Health (3rd ed.).


Assignment Directions:

Using the issue or disease you chose for your Wk 2 (access to healthcare in Michigan) – Public Health Websites Analysis assignment, create a 12- to 16-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes to summarize your findings. In your presentation:

· Explain epidemiology and its relationship to public health.

· Describe the selected issue or disease.

· Identify the underlying nature and cause of the selected issue or disease.

· Analyze the uses and effects of demographic data, surveillance data, and vital statistics in public and community health.

· Identify the demographics and effect of the selected issue or disease on the community.

· Determine if the effects cross from community to state or national levels.

· Analyze possible solutions for the selected issue or disease.

· Identify possible solutions.

· Explain how the solutions were, or might be, successful.

· Recommend additional suggestions for treatment or resolution.

· Explain how the P.E.R.I.E. model served as a guide to understand the cause.


Format your references according to APA guidelines.

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