Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

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Team collaboration allows members to draw strengths and work in a team environment that enhances productivity and result. While working in one of the maternal wards as a nurse. I was able to be part of one of the most incredible teams I have ever worked with. One of the pregnant mothers developed signs heart of the problem. And a cardiac team was called and formed a team with maternity nurses to work together.

The team’s goal was to refer to efforts with the team to produce the best outcomes. Which were to save the mother and her unborn child’s lives. Both the nurses and the surgeons were willing to pull their weights, share ideas. And collectively approach the issue to achieve the desired results. Everyone in the team was aware of their responsibility, when, and how to do what, making working together easy. The outcome of the teamwork was commendable as both the mother and her newborn baby were saved. And it was a celebratory moment for the hospital.

team collaboration

What contributed to the positive outcome of this team collaboration was everyone’s willingness to work together. As a team, we communicated well with one another openly, sharing our opinions, ideas, and thoughts on the way forward. For any team, communication is essential to keep track of the progress made and the efficiency of working together on the task ahead (Claure & Jung, 2021).

Another contribution that made the team achieve this positive result was that all team members stayed focused on the results and the goal of saving lives. When the surgeons arrived in the nurse’s ward, they did not take the authority to lead the case, but we all worked as a team to agree on what was to be done and how to execute it, rather than just delegating responsibilities. The team was also organized, which made the planning of the event manageable and efficient. All team members were ready and briefed at all times on the next order of the treatment plan.

treatment plan.

In my opinion, I believe everyone’s contribution to the teamwork was positive because of their willingness to be part of something bigger than themselves, and their moral standards to do could and help the pregnant mum and her unborn child. Surgeons or nurses, everyone forego the role or the position they take in the hospital and put the patient’s interest first.

Everyone in the team is happy to offer a helping hand and provide support to one another during the time we worked together (O’Leary, Manojlovich, Johnson, Estrella, Hanrahan, Leykum, & Williams, 2020). Another reason why the team had positive results because everyone was different, and they offered their unique set of knowledge and experience. Working together as nurses and doctors, and surgeons created a diversified team that allowed all the required skills to be covered by someone on the team. Teamwork also allowed a chance for creativity, and every time member was assigned a specific role as it aligned with their skills and strengths.


1. Mariah Beckwith

I can definitely say that I have been a part of an amazing team. As a matter of fact, I am currently overseeing that amazing team as a restaurant general manager. Although I have only been in the position for a little less than six months, this team has truly made an impact on my existence for a lifetime. My team is a team that consists of four shift managers, three team trainers and ten crew members. Before the promotion and transfer to the current store, my team was made of half the people it is now. The location was experiencing a rapid turnover due to a hostile work environment stemming from leadership.

Coming in to this store, everyone was delighted to have new leadership although there was some hesitance from some staff members. I was truly astounded by how eager the majority of team member were to show their potential. That is exactly what they did. We have and will continue to develop and change the entire atmosphere and efficiency of the operation as a team every day. Within the first three months, guest feedback, cleanliness and restaurant audit scores increased substantially. Coming in to this new audit season, I am proud and excited to see how we do this time! If it weren’t for my teams willingness to step up and trust in our mission, it would not be the amazing team it is.

toxic work environment

There’s nothing more accomplishing than seeing people grow and regain their drive! I can name a number of influences that contribute to the team being positive. I am a strong believer that a team and an environments influence starts from the top down. With that, I know the first impact was the elimination of the source that created a toxic work environment. Following that, I came in truly believing I could provide the much needed opposite. I held management meetings from the beginning to ensure all other leaders were on the same boat.

They were very eager to contribute to our rebuild. A huge area of focus for all leadership was and still is coaching. Creating learning opportunities and correcting bad habits is a key aspect to maintaining team efficiency. What makes my team so amazing to me is how much of a difference we have all made already. These contributions to the team are positive because the energy and the numbers together prove we are in the right direction. We have only just began to express our potential.

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