Statistics for Health Professions

Statistics for Health Professions

MA3010 – Statistics for Health Professions

Discussion 03.1: Evaluating your Measurement Tool


Answer both of the following questions in your initial post:

1. Illness Prevalence:

The number of cases of illness in a population is referred to as its prevalence.  Comment on what a high illness prevalence does to the positive predictive value (PPV).  What about a low illness prevalence?

2. Study Feasibility:

In your research involving the BMI of fifth grade boys in the U.S., you will not only be collecting information on a child’s BMI, but also on his TV viewing habits, his eating habits, and his extracurricular activities.  You would like to make contact through the school systems to gather your information.  Discuss at least one factor that might affect the feasibility of this study.

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