Replace the text in brackets on the title page with your information.

Replace the text in brackets on the title page with your information.



Quantitative Research Critique

[Student’s Name]

PSY 326 Research Design

[Instructor’s Name]

[Date submitted]

Quantitative Research Critique


[Instructions for using this template: Replace the text in brackets on the title page with your information. Answer the questions and provide the required information indicated below, in the order these items are presented. Use complete sentences in your response and delete the question or instruction, including this paragraph, after you have finished typing your answers. Throughout the paper, cite the source of the information. List the references for all sources that are cited, as indicated in the note on the References page.]

What is your purpose for writing this paper?

What is the title of the study you are critiquing, and who are the authors?

Summarize the research question(s) in your own words as much as possible. If your instructor allows quotes and you find it necessary to quote from the article, use quotation marks around the quoted passage and cite the quote in APA format with author’s last name, year of publication, and page number where the quoted material appeared.

State the hypothesis being tested in the research.

Briefly summarize background information on the topic from the study’s literature review.

Comment on whether or not there is any apparent bias in the selection of studies in the literature review.

Summary of Methods

Was this quantitative study experimental or non-experimental? How can you tell?

If the study was non-experimental, was it descriptive or was it correlational?

Name the sampling method and describe how the participants were selected.

How did the researchers collect data from the participants?

Did the researchers use validated instruments for data collection?

What statistical procedures were used to analyze the data?

What efforts were made to ensure validity and reliability? If none were apparent, note this fact in your critique.

Summary of Results

What statistically significant results were found in the study?

Was there an estimate of the practical significance or effect size of the results?

Did the researchers’ conclusion follow logically from the statistical results? Explain your reasoning.

Ethical Aspects

Did the researchers explicitly address ethical issues in the article? If not, was there evidence in the report that the participants’ wellbeing and confidentiality were protected?

Was an approval process by an Institutional Review Board or similar ethics review committee mentioned?

Were any of the practices ethically questionable? If so, what could have been done to resolve these issues?

Evaluation of Study

Referring to a source about the research design and methods used in this study to support your evaluation, do you feel the researchers used these methods appropriately to investigate the research question?

What do you see as the strengths of how this study was done?

What limitations or weaknesses were mentioned by the authors?

What limitations do you see (if any) that they did not mention?

What suggestions did the authors make for future research on the topic?

Do you think another approach might be better for the research question than the research design and methods that were used in this study? If so, what other methods would you consider?


Briefly review the main points of your summary and evaluation of the study.

What would you recommend for a research question and methods for a follow-up study on this topic?

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