pressure ulcer

pressure ulcer

Article Summary


ST. Thomas University

Erol Amisial

NUR 416 AP 3

Professor Heather Brathwaite

September 05, 2021

Article Summary

A pressure ulcer is one of the preventable medical complications caused by immobility. Which has a social, economic, and psychological impact on a person. And their family. (Mijena (2019). The cost of preventing this condition is significantly less than the cost of its treatment. It is the nurse’s responsibility to reposition the patient every two hours to avoid pressure ulcers.

Study Type

The multicenter cross-sectional study design. And the quantitative methods were applied for the data collection from 212 participants who were selected randomly. Quantitative research was used to study the research questions describing the phenomena, assessing the differences, testing the relationships, and explaining the cause-and-effect relationships between the variables (LoBiondo-Wood, & Haber, 2017). The collected data used a validated self-administered knowledge tool regarding pressure ulcer tests in evaluating nurses’ knowledge. The mean score was compared by the use of the Kruskal-Wallis test and Mann-Whitney tests. The frequencies, standard deviation, and means were used for describing barriers related to pressure ulcer prevention and the knowledge of levels.

The Purpose of the Study

The study’s purpose was to evaluate the nurse’s knowledge of prevention on pressure ulcers and identify some of the present barriers to preventing pressure ulcers in both private and public hospitals.

Research Question

The study’s research question aimed to determine some of the ways that can be used to prevent pressure ulcers in public hospitals. Some of the methods which were found to be effective include having extensive training available to the nurses on the importance of repositioning the patient frequently and how to do so safely.




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