Personal Stress Management

Personal Stress Management

Final Project: Personal Stress Management Report


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Part 1: Research (25 points)

Do some research to discover more information on how your technique works to manage the stress reaction and prevent strain. Use your research to answer the questions below

· Find 3-5 good sources explaining how your technique works and its health benefits. (Use the questions below in the report section to guide your research). Good sources include published work, such as:

· Books, including the course textbook

· Research-based journal articles

· Media articles

· Sources should be cited properly, including with in-text citation, using APA format.


1. What are the physiologic effects of your stress reaction management technique (eg. does it affect heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels, etc.)





2. What are some of the health benefits of your stress reaction management technique?





Part 2: Personal context (10 points)

Answer the following questions based on your own personal experience prior to practicing your stress management technique.


1. What were your stress levels prior to and during the 3 weeks you practiced your technique? Explain please.




2. What were some of the stressors you experienced prior to or during the 3 weeks you practiced your technique? Name & explain 3 in detail.




3. What are some of the physical and mental symptoms of stress that you currently experience. Pick 3-5 to explain briefly.





Describe how you practiced your technique by answering the following questions (5 point)

1. How did you practice your technique?


2. How often did you practice your technique?


3. How long did you practice your technique each session?


4. Insert your log table with all of your practice sessions. (25 points)

Date Duration Notes: (stress levels, stressors, symptoms)
Eg. Feb 8th Eg. 25 minutes walk Eg. Walked around Queens Park. I had a headache and felt nervous about upcoming midterms initially, but felt calmer by the end of the walk.

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