Payment of Student Athletes

Payment of Student Athletes

Payment of Student Athletes

Research Paper

Topic: Payment of Student Athletes

Your typewritten research paper Name Image likeliness supporting the payment of student athletes should be written for 2 pages must be double spaced with around 800 words. You are required to cite outside sources. The quality of your sources affects the quality of your paper (ex: internet sources vary a lot in credibility). Use credible sources of information, such as scholarly articles and business publications, not Wikipedia.

Research Guidelines 

Whenever you use another person’s materials, a parenthetical annotation is needed for academic honesty. You must attribute all ideas that come from your readings and research.

Immediately after the text that requires annotation, place a parenthetical with the author’s name and the page number(s) you are citing.

Example: Some libraries use filtering devices to protect children from materials deemed unsuitable or obscene (Smith, pp. 21-22).

internet source

At the end of the paper, create a bibliography that lists, alphabetically by author, each source contained in a parenthetical. Each entry should include as much information as you can provide, typically author, title, journal title, volume, date, page numbers, etc.

For internet sources, provide as much of the above information as is available, plus the address and the date visited. If the internet source lacks an author, incorporate it in the alphabetized bibliography by title, address, or whatever seems to make the most sense to you.

Format Guidelines 

Introduction : Present your ethical issue in the form of a question that is subject to debate, research, and analysis.

Body of the Paper : State your research findings (refer to your sources by using     parenthetical annotations at the end of sentences and/or paragraphs, as provided above), analyze both/all sides of the ethical issue, take a position on the issue, and explain the reasoning behind your position. The more thorough and thoughtful your analysis, the better able you will be to justify your position on the issue.

Conclusion : Briefly summarize the highlights of your paper.

Bibliography : Include your list of references at the end of your paper (as stated above).  The bibliography does not count towards the six-page requirement.

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