Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)

Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)

Medical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc.)

Paper details:
Dissertation title:
” What are the functional effects of poor binocular vision?
We know that individuals with reduced visual acuity have a difficulty with everyday activities, and those with congenital colour vision defects cannot do certain jobs. However is there any evidence that individuals with poor binocular vision and/or amblyopia suffer a functional disadvantage in everyday life? If not, why is it considered important to actively and intensively treat these conditions?”

9 page report on the above topic which must be word processed, illustrations (tables, figures,
graphs etc) where appropriate and a substantial literature review. The report must be a maximum of 9 A4 pages, excluding the title page and the list of references. You should only have text on one side of the paper and all pages should be numbered. Text must be in Arial, 10point, 1.5 line spacing, with margins of at least 2.5cm all around the text. ALL supporting materials such as figures, tables, text boxes etc. must be included in the page limit. A contents page is not essential, but if provided will be included within the 9 page limit. The text in Figures and Tables are of sufficient size to be read and understood with ease.

I need the dissertation to be done on the 29 March 6pm Singapore time so that i can look through and see whether it needs any revision. Thanks.

The Harvard system must be used for the citation of the references.
1.Claire I. O’Leary1,2 and Bruce J. W. Evans 2. Marc Lambooij
Marten Fortuin
Wijnand Ijsselsteijn
Bruce Evans
Ingrid Heynderickx (SID Fellow)
I’ve just attached the above 2 papers on the effect of mild BV difficulties – one on reading rate and one on viewing of stereo displays. These might offer a slightly different perspective compared to the effects of amblyopia and squint.

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