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IMC Plan Section 1:
Bay Path University is one of the Universities that support female education. It provides degree programs to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Classes start early and end very late; depending on one’s course. It becomes hard for students who have young children to manage parental roles and still attend classes. The reason am writing this IMC plan is to share my business idea and how it will benefit the Bay Path University.
A day care at Bay Path University, will not only be a source of income for many individuals but also beneficial to the students who have small children. This business investment has several objectives. Mothers will have enough time to attend classes; they will not have children bothering them every time. Secondly, it will create an employment opportunity for the workers at the daycare.
Company Overview
The business mission is supporting parents for a better society. This investment will help parents and enable them to complete their education. The vision of this business is to create an environment conducive for women to learn. The principal leadership of the daycare will be women. Women are nurturing, they build homes and take good care of children; employees will be women too. Our products are a provision of services to students who are mothers, by taking care of their children. The business mission is; supporting parents for a better society. This investment will help parents and enable them to complete their education. The vision of this business is to create an environment conducive for women learning. The principal leadership of the daycare will be women. Women are nurturing, they build homes and take good care of children; employees will be women too. Our products are a provision of services to students who are mothers, by taking care of their kids while they are attending classes. The fee for our services is not expensive, it will favor the students, our aim is not to exploit our clients, but to help them while they are attending classes. The fee for our services is not expensive, it will favor the students, our aim is not to exploit our clients, but to help them.
Situational Analysis
There many issues in families where one of the parents is a student, the other partner tends to think that they are neglecting their roles. Most classes begin early and end late in the night. Our company aims at providing daycare services to the mothers at an affordable fee. This opportunity will provide children with food, and they will be cleaned, the parents would not have to worry about anything.
PEST Analysis-External Environment Analysis
The environmental factors that affect a business include the political, economic social and technological are important in management. The business will ensure that it follows all the government regulations when carrying out their activities. Technology will be applied in communication with the clients in different areas. The business’ economic impact is seen through the employment of staff members, and it saves on time that is useful in production; the children are in the daycare.
Strategies Business Forecast
The uniqueness of the business is that it provides benefits to young children, it provides a high standard of care to young children as they develop.

IMC Plan Section 2:
SWOT Analysis
The strength of this business is that it provides the child with all the fundamental needs like food, education, and care. The daycare will provide guidance and counseling to parents, especially the young mothers on how to take care of the children. The second strength is that there is the provision of education for young children as they grow, hence eases the burden of teaching the children some basic skills. The weakness of the business is that the company will depend on the fee paid to provide the services.

IMC Plan Section 3:
IMC Objective
The objective of IMC is to provide awareness to the students so that they understand the significance of solving the problem. Mothers need to focus on their education, knowing very well that their children are well. IMC provides a campaign plan to communicate with the audience in different ways.
Key strategies for promotion via Marketing Communications Mix
The business will have basic policies relevant for the business growth. The first one is learning, a healthy learning environment is created to help parents attend classes and children are taken care. Secondly, there is a cultivation of individuals’ skills; children will learn how to communicate and do certain things like writing. Finally, there are strategies that will ensure there is enough capital for the business; it can be through donor funding. Donors will be appreciated for their donations towards this project.
Campaign Key message
The campaign will be on an event of the business launch and the highlight of starting of this business in its journey to help school going mothers to support themselves. There will be a creation of awareness to the students about this daycare so that the potential market is sensitized. An advertisement is an important way of communicating with the clients; production of magazines and posters is very significant. The Internet is necessary for communication with customers who in turn reply and ask questions.
Metrics and Measurement
The measure of the success of the business will be done effectively to make sure that the firm is improving. We will create a website where we will be able to monitor the number of followers and respond to any issues. Another way of measurement is looking at the new membership per month.

IMC Section 4:
Target Market
The target market for the day-care facility at Bay Path University includes young mothers with young children. The mothers are students at the university, and a few may be employees or workers in the organization. The rationale for targeting this population is based the fact that having a child is at times is viewed as a hindrance to continuation with education. With the day-care facility, the female students and employees with young babies can comfortably continue with their work and studies.
The demographic profile of the existing customers includes facts like they are students at Bay Path University. They may be single or married or pursuing studies either at the undergraduate or graduate level in the university. Some of the female students may also be engaged in work-study programs, which means that having a child complicates their lives. The values of this target market involve the love for education and care for the family values. However, their lifestyle that involves juggling between studies and family makes it difficult for them to cope. The behavioral profile includes parents who constantly think about a young child to breastfeed. Their buying power is low considering that they are students and; hence, the program will be targeting to provide the day-care services at an affordable cost.

IMC Plan Section 5:
Brand Positioning
The day-care facility will brand itself as a brand that supports the dream of Bay Path University in line with the university’s goal of empowering women. The alignment of the brand to that of Bay Path University is to ensure that there is brand equity. It will show the relevance of the day-care facility not only to the female students but also to the university that is focused on improving the life of the female students and enable them to proceed with education.
` The objective of the IMC concerning brand positioning is to create a brand that is widely recognized and accepted. To achieve this, the day-care facility’s objectives will be aligned with the objectives and goals of the university as a support system. One of the goals of the university is to support education in the area, especially among women. Consequently, establishing a facility that supports the course will impact on the brand recognition.
The second major objective is to develop brand loyalty. There are a few day-care facilities outside the university and probably there are a few students at the university who have been getting services from those other facilities. Creating a day-care facility at the university will help in reigning on the brand loyalty of the university and attract more customers from the university. It would be easier for the students to entrust their children to a brand that they recognize than on any other brand out there which makes the university their starting point.
Developing brand loyalty and positive attitude towards the product translates to positive trends in the sales. The first observation is the likelihood that the students with children in the university will be the very first customers to the facility. The more reason for them to do this is the fact that they can check on their children in between classes and get to know about their condition. The location of the facility will, therefore, support a strong and sustainable source of demand for the services that the day-care facility will be offering.
To achieve the marketing objectives as established above, the day-care facility will develop a brand name that resonates with the goals of the facility, the goals of the university with regard to the support of education among women, and the desire of the women to advance their studies while at the same they continue being better mothers. Creating such a brand will help in creating a strong desire among the women who are mothers to continue with their studies. Having the facility at the university is also highly likely to attract more studies to the university considering that they may find the facility as an added advantage attracting them to the university.
In marketing the product, the focus will also be in developing the interest in the product. It will be achieved by having three key components in the description of the facility, and this includes the value of family, the value of education, and the university. The adverts will be provided in posters around the university and through national media advertisements in the region and the neighboring states. Beyond marketing the product, the adverts will also be marketing the university to outsiders looking for a university that will help them in becoming better students and mothers as well.
On the call to action, the promotion of the university will specifically be to young mothers or mothers with young children who visit the facility as they consider applying to the university to conduct their studies. In other words, the call to action will be aligned to the university’s call to action considering the fact that the advertisements calling the target market to action will also target to inform them about the facility. Not many universities have these facilities; hence, this will be an added advantage for the university.
The last factor is how to retain customer loyalty. In the brand position for the day-care facility, the organization will concentrate on the promise to provide quality care for the young ones and on the ability of the mothers to check their children in between classes. There are hardly any facilities that would allow the mother to check on their child in between classes without making a mistake on either side. Consequently, this strategy will help in developing a brand that will not only attract new customers but one that will not lose customers.

IMC Plan Section 6:
Creative Strategy
The unique selling proposition for the day-care services focuses on three key facts that include the ability to the parent to check on the child in between classes and provision of the services for up to 15 hours in a day focusing on the period in which the university will be providing classes. Thirdly, the unique selling points will also focus on the ability of the parent to focus on both the classes and on parenting by subscribing to our services. Such unique selling propositions will help in placing the brand of the facility above any imagination that the target market can consider. The value proposition also follows both the rational and emotional appeal. The rational perspective is based on the fact that parenting can be disruptive to studies while the emotional appeal focuses on the ability of the parent to visit the child in between classes and this is enabled by the fact that the facility will be within the facilities.

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