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Operation management

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im ana MBS student and the project that is required from me is :

the project:

As a newly appointed manager in an Operations Management Team, you are required to draw an overall management plan to ensure well utilization of resources and higher productivity. But you noticed that there are problems which may impede the fulfilment of the company’s objectives.

By selecting ONE company*, your tasks are to:
1. Describe the main problem/s
2. Identify the source of the problem/s
3. Describe the existing efforts to overcome the problems
4. Identify the reasons that the problem still exist
5. Give suggestions to improve the situation (by applying the relevant Operations Management theories that you have learned).
*Although you have to describe the company’s background, please ensure confidentiality by not revealing the company’s identity/name.
This is a group work of 4 (max.). Students are free to form their own group. The report should be typed in Arial font, 11 point type and 1.5 spacing on A4 size paper. Tables, charts and photographs should be numbered consecutively and should include a brief explanatory caption. The name of the students, the name of the instructor and the title of the project should be written on the cover page.

i choose al ( almarai company )its a big dairy company in saudi arabia and this the website of the company (http://almarai.com/en/)

i attached around 3 problems that they face it in the production and u can also aID some problems even if they dont face it ( the name of the file:Om)..

i also attached some of the chapters that is related to the project

thank u so much for your help

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