Disscusion Board

Disscusion Board

Having a trade mark that distinguishes a service or a good from others in the market is a very advantageous aspect in any level and size of business due to the following main reasons. The patent provides a business with the right which is exclusive to produce a good within a region and also protect the reputation of the brand of good or service produced. The patent protects the business form other traders in the industry to use the mark in regard to the registered services and goods (Virginia 91). Finally, having a trade mark is important since it can be used to earn payment by licensing or assigning it to other people.

In the case of a hostile client, it is best to head straight to the judiciary or legal system in an effort to attain back the debt owed to you. In as much as many ways are available for collecting the debt like, using negotiations, using debt collectors, contacting the authorities among others, civil court filling seems to be the moist viable option to be used in this case (Virginia 121). This is because the hostility of the debtor means that apart from not paying back the amount owed, the debtor is in a good position to harm the creditor. The legal system can act effectively in obtaining back the amount owed and aIDressing the security threat posed by the debtor.


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