Psychology lab

Psychology lab

This is a research paper for a psychology lab.

The first 5 pages attached: billy introduction. This is the introduction where concepts and ideas are planted. In the documents you will find some edits that the teacher made for me. What i need is those fixed accordingly and to add at least 3 or more (they ask for 10 but it is flexible) references for the introduction. One of those is the attached paper: gross. You will see the edits in the paper asking for it. at the end of the intro, I have to introduce my hypothesis which is what i plan to research.

The next 5 pages are the methods section in where I have to in detail explain my research. Literally who the participants are and what exactly they will be doing.

I want my hypothesis to be: Can your favorite meal turn negative emotions to positive.

The research will basically be:
Each participant, total of 50 participants
-25 random sample ages 18-25
-25 random sample ages 60 and above.

The participant will come in the lab at 11am and will be notified that he will be provided with food in order for him to be hungry for the time of the test, he then will fill up a questionnaire asking about their current mood.
Then they will watch 3 (3videos instead of one in order to be sure the participant is sad) very sad videos in order to have them in a sad mood for the research. After each video they will be asked to fill up another mood questionnaire.

After participant is sad he will be provided with his favorite food (asked ahead of time to have it ready).. He will eat this meal and as soon as he or she is done He will fill up the mood questionnaire again. This will give us an idea of how food can change emotion.

Attached: Methods1 and 2 are the guidelines for the methods section, all the questions must be answered.

This research involves food, for the logistics of the experiment i was asked to look for past research that uses food for research to get an idea of how the food in the lab will work. I haven’t been able to find a scholar research that uses food. please try to find one in order to have a valid research proposal.

This is a very complicates paper so please dont hesitate in asking questions, this paper is 40% of my grade so i beg you to help me make a great paper and a good grade..

Thank you so much

Professor edits on methods sections,
Remember that the running head should not be the entire title of the paper.

You should not include the youtube links to the videos. You only need the citation.

Also, your data analysis section should be a planned analysis section, which is what Prof Isaacowitz talked about in class yesterday. Here is where you should talk about what statistical tests you will use – t test, ANOVA, or correlation, etc. I see that you started to do this in your data analysis section, but you need to include what specific test you will use.

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