: Weekly Summary 2

: Weekly Summary 2


Course: Weekly Summary 2



            The world has witnessed a great deal of technological advancement, specifically in the field of information and technology (IT). Particularly, the IT sector has witnessed the advent of computers which use the in-and-out electron movements into transistors. This is what has come to be known as the photonic computing; a technological phenomenon which uses light particles (photons). These are produced by in the place of the electrons by the lacers.

The Advantages of Using the optical (photonic) communications in future chip multiprocessors (CMP)

            There are many merits (than demerits) which emanate from the use of the optical (photonic) communication in the CMP. First and foremost, the use of the photonic communications is bound to guarantee much faster connectivity and transactions, compared to the electrons. This is due to the fact that light has the ability to travel approximately 30 centimeters within a nanosecond (Forestieri, 2005).

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